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How we are revolutionizing the world with our solutions .

A few words about Abez

ABEZ – Be smart – Our brand promise is to be the most preferred partner by providing the cutting-edge technology and innovative products and solutions- conveniently and cost effectively. Spearheaded by Pioneers of automation and digital security products and supported by Passionate and enthusiastic team; ABEZ’s strength lies in its Research and Development, Innovative Product Design, Best in class Products, Features and Benefits, synergy with international partners, strong Sales and Distribution team as well as After-Sales Service support.

Why Abez?

  • Intelligent display, more user-friendly operation
  • 304 stainless steel casting combined with the high-point CNC lathe (CNC) technology commonly used in mobile phones
  • high hardness, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance
  • International leading finger vein module manufacturer – recognize vein of 5 to 80 years old
  • Multiple security black technology – Most secure
  • Laser projection display technology, touch wake up

Touch panel incorporates new non-residue technology (NRF) to destroy residual fingerprints.
Fingerprint chips are imported from Sweden, which is more secure compiled to international standard and helps to open the door as fast as 0.4 seconds.

Understand Abez

ABEZ is committed to bring Smart, technologically advanced, top-notch Security, most convenient, and superior aesthetically designed products to its customers worldwide. Our constant endeavour is continuing to excel in providing Smart, Secure and Seamless products and solutions.

ABEZ Digital Door locks brings you most secure and convenient keyless entry solution powered by Vein digital identification technology, the vein map is taken in real time to extract the feature values, the advanced filtering, image binarization and refinement methods are used to extract the features of the digital image, and the finger vein characteristic values stored in the host are compared, and a complex match is adopted. The algorithm matches the characteristics of the finger veins to identify individuals and confirm their identity. Compared with other biometric technologies available in the market, finger vein authentication technology has the following unique advantages.

  • Fingerprint chips technology is from Sweden, most secure, compliant to international standard and helps to open the door very fast
  • External environment (i.e. temperature, humidity) will have no impact on internal information of human body
  • Applicable to a wide range of people, Random password for code access, Double authentication using combined verification mode

Additional security may be provided against theft, wreckage, fire threats by integrating with alarms.

Abez with commitment towards Greener world, have entered a strategic alliance with Elmeasure, a leading company having global presence is over 45 countries providing Smart Energy management solutions.

Make your Enviroment

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